Introducing the emblem network: we get things done together

Introducing the emblem network: we get things done together


You didn’t really think we worked alone, did you?

Your key stakeholders are asking hard questions and it feels different than it has before because it truly is different. Positive social and environmental impact is part of today’s definition of excellence and without a clear path for DEI, ESG and CSR you will go astray. It is that simple.

The only measure of Emblem Strategic’s success that matters as we near the end of our seventh year is the impact, distinction and advantage we generate for our clients. From the very beginning, when it works best it is because we come together with extraordinary colleagues whose knowledge, skills and abilities are without peer.

Today we call this band of Super-friends the Emblem Network. It is a group of colleagues we can call on or who call on Emblem to put together a plan and create timely, engaging, data-driven and expertise-backed solutions. No project is too large when you have what Redwood Enterprise CEO René Redwood taught me is called a “collaborative business model.” In fact René and I are right now working on a sensitive and comprehensive DEI project and preparing to bring members of the network to the table for various pieces we need that will require unique and specialized strength.

The names and faces you see in the Emblem Network belong to friends and colleagues who are continually learning. Together we deliver top quality strategic advisory, coaching, training, program development, coalition building or public affairs work for regionally, nationally and globally relevant businesses and non-profit organizations in a wide variety of sectors. Whether the challenge you face falls within DEI, ESG, CSR or any kind of strategic challenge where new insights, modern technique and stronger relationships are important, the Emblem Network has you covered.

Thank you Jonathan McBride, formerly of BlackRock and today with Heidrick & Struggles; René Redwood of Redwood Enterprise, Omari Jahi Aarons of Aarons Group, Doris Quintanilla of the Melanin Project, Izzy Jacques of Conscious Customers; and Gloria Porras-Velasquez and Arturo Velasquez of Conscious Customers and Imagix Studio.

Learn more about the members of the Emblem Network right now on our website at this link. Don’t wait too long to give us a call. Inaction is costing you far more than we ever will.

Andy Tarsy is Founder and Principal of Emblem Strategic LLC and a principal and co-founder with Conscious Customers LLC.

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