Introducing *Emblematic*: A daily round-up of inspired examples of organizational leadership in the #COVID19 Crisis

Introducing *Emblematic*: A daily round-up of inspired examples of organizational leadership in the #COVID19 Crisis


Introducing *Emblematic* — a daily round-up of inspired examples of organizational leadership in the Coronavirus crisis. We are not here to give out trophies or ribbons to the fabulous. This is about finding ideas that we can put into work to drive our organizations, businesses, missions, people forward – for impact and to sustain our efforts through this crisis and beyond. Lives are at risk. And so are livelihoods. Our best is needed. Time to be of use to both causes.

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Take This Sage Advice:

Leaders Have to Revisit Precious Plans During Crisis. Boston based venture capital firm Flybridge sent its portfolio company CEOs a memo with tips for leading through this crisis. It resonated so much that the firm published it – and it could be applied to any of our organizations. Here it is for you.

Support Small Businesses: Thank you to CNN Business’s Jeanne Sahadi for this useful list of ways to help support small businesses during this very difficult period.

Consider Product Iterations, New Ideas that Help:

Have any New Ideas? Companies in a surprising diversity of sectors are already creating innovative new products and services. Scan this list not so you can become them but to stimulate an internal conversation. Who are we during a crisis like this? What can we make, create, offer?

Clean your hands with booze? Shine Distillery in Portland, Oregon is is repurposing the byproduct from its 130-gallon steel-and-copper still.” Turn high proof booze into hand cleaner? Pretty much. And they’re making it available FREE in 2.7-ounce bottles.

Are there New Uses for Your Facilities:

Culinary Crown Jewels Become Community Kitchens. Washington, DC restaurant magnate and food visionary José Andrés Is Turning His Restaurants Into Community Kitchens. That’s right. They will offer “affordable plates of the day” as takeout items — rather than offering the higher priced fare they are known for to sophisticated diners.

Perfume to “Purell”? Luxe brand LVMH announced it will use its perfume & cosmetics factories to manufacture FREE hand sanitizer for France.

Need Some New Policies for Employees:

Unlimited Sick Time if You Have Symptoms. Along with many others you are hearing about, tech giant Apple announced they want all who can work from home to do so – and also announced unlimited sick time off for retail employees who have coronavirus symptoms

Covering Some Costs of Working From Home. Commerce platform company Shopify “is providing its employees with a $1,000 stipend to buy office supplies and help ease the transition of working remote amid the coronavirus outbreak.”

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In the US, for the most up to date information about Coronavirus health and safety, please contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Elsewhere please contact your local and national authorities. Stay safe, be smart.


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