*Emblematic* Day 5. More Inspired Opportunities for Business & Organizational Leadership in the #COVID19 Crisis


Emblematic is a Daily Round-Up of Inspired Examples of Organizational Leadership in the #COVID19 Crisis about our news and latest updates.

Effective leadership requires that our choices under stress be emblematic of our vision and values. Safety, Sustainability, Success. We are not here to give out trophies or ribbons to the fabulous. This is a device for finding and sharing ideas we can put into work to drive our organizations, businesses, missions, people forward in a crisis and beyond. Let’s Go!

This is the Day Five Edition of *Emblematic*. For Days 1 through 4 Click here.

For Your Health and the Care of Your Employees and Families

A wide range of professionals who regularly serve companies, schools & families are equipped to help in this difficult time. Put these pros and their ideas to work for your team:

Mindfulness and Culture Coach Melissa Alexis of Cultural Fabric is offering a virtual meditation you can sign up for here. Companies including Toast and WeWork have had her work with groups of their employees on mindfulness and “bringing light to our blind spots.” In response to the COVID-19 situation, Melissa also just launched weekly online yoga. Location? Your home or anywhere you are. Sign up here (this could be a good way for employers to get some self-care out to their people.


Psychologist Melinda Macht-Greenberg, PhD of Educational Consulting PC was quoted in a Boston Globe piece this week offering tips for parents unexpectedly home-schooling their kids in a time of such stress. “We all have to be flexible,” she said. “Some days you might do some [of the schedule]. Some days you might ditch the whole thing. That’s OK.” She offers ten tips for parents here. Dr. Macht-Greenberg also consults routinely with schools, camps, youth and community programs and companies. 

Advice for Entrepreneurs From Experienced Venture Capital Investor

Veteran venture capital investor Jamie Goldstein put together advice for founders in uncertain times saying all downturns are different but there are lessons from the two he has navigated in the past. Published on Hackernoon, the Pillar VC Founder & Partner says some will thrive (think Zoom) but for the rest of those out there, major needs will fall into three buckets: fundraising, operational focus and reducing burn-rate. AND he says, “Don’t lose faith.”

More Resources for Small Businesses in Boston – Valuable for Biz Anywhere

Food business incubator” Commonwealth Kitchen has put out the free resource guide “Running a Food Business in the Face of COVID-19“. The organization’s Executive Director Jen Faigel says the organization lost 40% of its budget and as they lose capacity to operate (they are shut down now to comply with the City’s expectations) small businesses are deeply impacted. Donations are needed. Big and small.

The Black chamber of commerce in the Bay State is called the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts. They put together a thorough resource guide for small businesses.

Microsoft Effort Includes Tech & Community Offerings, Taking Care of Workers

Seattle based Microsoft created a Responding to Covid-19 web page to communicate about its expansive efforts in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Included in the tech giant’s response:

Technology – Microsoft is making available a set of COVID-19 response templates that customers employing Microsoft Healthcare BOTs can use and modify. For example, “the CDC just released a COVID-19 assessment bot that can quickly assess the symptoms and risk factors for people worried about infection, provide information and suggest a next course of action such as contacting a medical provider or, for those who do not need in-person medical care, managing the illness safely at home.”

Education – Granting educators access to a vast array of online content to help teachers and students “make the switch to remote learning.”  Here is a page on guidance to teachers. ​

Interactive Data – Bing based data visualization on the Covid-19 pandemic. The map does not lie. This is a global phenomenon and it changes every minute.

Welcome to the 4th installment of  *Emblematic* — a daily round-up of inspired examples of business and organizational leadership in the COVID-19 crisis. In case you missed them, here are days onetwo and three.

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