*Emblematic* Day 4. Inspired Examples & Opportunities for Business & Organizational Leadership in the #COVID19 Crisis


Welcome to the 4th installment of  *Emblematic* — a daily round-up of inspired examples of business and organizational leadership in the COVID-19 crisis. In case you missed them, here are days onetwo and three.

Remember – we are not here to give out trophies or ribbons to the fabulous. These are opportunities to be inspired, to replicate, to participate – to step up to the task of leadership in a challenging time.

Time to be of use. Remember – who you are during the coronavirus crisis is who you have always been. It will just be much, much easier for all your internal and external stakeholders to see it. Time to shine and lean into those dusty core values. What risks are you able to calculate now need to be taken in order to be true to your purpose, mission, identity. It’s on. Make moves that are emblematic of who you are and what your business or organization is all about.

If you are in a leadership role in your business or organization and need a person/place to think out loud about strategy in this #COVID19 crisis – that’s one of the things I love to do most with clients. Please reach out. You can’t do this alone. Email me at atarsy@emblemstrategic.com  and we will find you what you need to get through.

The Round-Up today? Here we go:

Resources, Supplies & Expertise Donations Needed to Aid 1st Responders & Healthcare Workers

Thank you Bob Coughlin, the tireless leader of MassBIO and advocate for companies and for patients as well for putting out the word that donations are needed – supplies, resources, expertise — to help with responding to the caseload which is going up. “We are at the beginning of an exponential growth phase,” says Dr. Jarone Lee, who directs at ICU division at Mass. General Hospital in Boston told Commonwealth Magazine. “We are seeing patients of all ages.”

HP Makes Major Commitment to Communities, Workers, 3D Printing for Masks & Vaccine Efforts

Along with sweeping commitments to hourly workers, contractors, and communities where they operate, HP made two strikingly resonant commitments today: to the guerrilla effort to 3-D print masks for healthcare workers; and to the vaccine development effort. Here is a clip from their press release.

Mass. Biz Orgs Call on Government to Support Small Business & “Additional Solutions”LXLMS


An array of business organizations in Massachusetts did a shared statement calling for government help today, speaking to the obvious pressure on “employers and employees.” The only specific items of agreement were “funding streams” and “low interest loans to small business owners who need them to continue operations and pay their employees.” The lack of mention of other consensus policy solutions means that…there is not consensus about policy solutions. Matt Murphy at WBUR wrote a summary of bills filed by Governor Charlie Baker and now under consideration by the legislature. We all ought to have a point of view and advocate within whatever orgs we have voice.

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