*Emblematic* Day 3: Inspired Examples and Opportunities for Business & Organizational Leadership in the #COVID19 Crisis


Welcome to the third installment of  *Emblematic* — a round-up of inspired examples of business and organizational leadership in the novel Coronavirus crisis. In case you missed them, here are days one and two.

Financial Support Needed for Many Badly Hit and Vulnerable

Funds are coming together to help various categories of those adversely affected by COVID-19. Consider personal support but even more important – can your company leverage its support by getting vendors, investors, customers, employees to do so as well?

COVID-19 Response Fund at the Boston Foundation 

Hosted by The Boston Foundation, The COVID-19 Response Fund will award one-time operating grants on a rolling basis to non-profits whose operations in support of elders and other vulnerable populations have been stressed by the outbreak.  

Foundation for Business Equity Emergency Fund to Support Black, Latinx Cos. 

Boston is home to an accelerator of Black and Latinx owned businesses called the Foundation for Business Equity. Many of the participating companies are already feeling a disproportionately negative effect from customer cutbacks due to COVID-19. Crisis resources and an emergency fund are coming together. Contact us at Emblem Strategic for more information.

Samuel Adams & Greg Hill Foundation join up to support Massachusetts restaurant industry workers impacted by Covid-19 closures

The restaurant industry employs more than 350,000 in Massachusetts, and is very vulnerable right now. Many hourly workers will lose income and many will lose their jobs. Samuel Adams got its start in the bars and restaurants of Boston 35 years ago. The beer and beverage maker is kickstarting the Restaurant Strong Fund with a contribution of $100,000 through the Greg Hill Foundation and will match funds raised through March 31, up to an additional $100,000. Apply for funds NOW via www.RestaurantStrong.org – and tell your favorite dining spots about it ASAP.

Or Just Leave a Big Tip Like One Houston Couple Did

Thank you Mari Ryan, CEO of Advancing Wellness sent us the story of good fortune that played out at Irma’s Southwest. Here’s how Eater Houston reports it: “After dining at Irma’s Southwest Grill in Downtown Houston, an anonymous diner left a $9,400 tip to help support servers at the restaurant. According to ABC13, the patron encouraged the restaurant to “hold tip to pay [their] guys over the next few weeks” following the city’s order shuttering all bars and restaurants temporarily. Irma’s says that it will split the money evenly between its staff, with each employee receiving around $300 each.”

LCovid-19 Will Hit Black, Latinx Communities Extra Hard.

Thanks Amplify Latinx founder Betty Francisco for flagging an important read on Forbes where contributor Kori Hale writes, “The economic impact of Covid-19 will hit minorities the hardest.” Her reason? The status quo is so fragile for communities of color and the Fed lowering rates all the way to zero. Hale, CEO of CultureBanx: “This move will disproportionately impact low-income earners with minorities likely bearing the brunt of the economic impact of coronavirus, as a recession is likely to ensue.” 

Strategy Help for Managing Through This Crisis

Two good reads for the big picture:

Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis from Harvard Business Review. And from BSR – a leading global non profit focused on socially responsible corporate practices, Business Lessons from Phase One of the COVID-19 Pandemic

More Employers Step Up to Take Care of Workers If They Can

This category is rich with examples worldwide but an important note: Don’t rush to judge those small companies that appear to be less kind-hearted. Many small businesses run on tight margins and have all kinds of complex financial back-ends. We want to celebrate what is possible for those that can – not demonize others without having the facts. On that note, it is no surprise that Patagonia announced it would pay workers despite closing stores

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In the US, for the most up to date information about novel coronavirus health and safety, please contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Elsewhere please contact your local and national authorities. Stay safe, be smart.

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