*Emblematic* #8 – McDonald’s, Nike, the Gap, Bauer Hockey, Tatte All Have a Plan to Fight COVID-19. Do you? It’s time!


Emblematic is a Round-Up of Inspired Examples of Organizational Leadership in the #COVID19 Crisis.

Effective leadership requires that our choices under stress be emblematic of our vision and values. Safety, Sustainability, Success. We are not here to give out trophies or ribbons to the fabulous. This is a device for finding and sharing ideas we can put into work to drive our organizations, businesses, missions, people forward in a crisis and beyond. Let’s Go! AND please tweet, FB this post!

This is *Emblematic* #8. For Days 1 through 7 Click here. Loads of items you’ll want to read about.​​

5 Ways Anyone Can I Make a Difference Right Now:  

1. Buy Gift Cards. Go online and buy gift cards in increments as large as you can from small businesses that are not able to operate fully or at all right now. 

2. Donate Generously. There are community foundations in every city/region looking after the needy right now. 

4. Call Neighbors & Family. Not just email. Voices matter. Doesn’t have to be zoom. Do it.

5. Stay home. The inability of Americans to get this message is literally prolonging the crisis and killing people.

6. Keep Washing Your Hands. Just do it. And do it again.

3D Printed Splitter Allows Multiple Patients to Use One Ventilator 

In Spain, healthcare professionals are testing a simple innovation – a 3-D printed splitter that allows multiple patients to make use of a single ventilator

Apple to Donate 10 Million Masks

Apple CEO Tim Cook says it is true. Apple is donating 10 million masks for health workers, sourced from its own supply chain.

Tatte founder Tzurit Or on Supporting Her Team 

Tzurit Or, founder of the popular Boston fast casual and upscale bakery/lunch place Tatte – which was about to expand into DC when coronavirus hit, did an informative interview with the Boston Globe about her commitment to her staff. “Our first discussion and focus were, ‘How are we protecting our people?’ The people were always at the top of priority for us,” she said.  .

The Gap to make scrubs and Hockey Gear Giant Bauer Making Face Shields

Like numerous big consumer brands, the Gap is getting into the business of making whatever healthcare workers need. Hockey gear maker Bauer is now doing face shields that it is selling at cost. The idea and then the designs came from two employees and the CEO said “go for it” when he heard their presentation.

Tools and resources from the nonprofit finance fund

It is no secret that non-profits are struggling like the entire economy is. Even large charities tend to have less flexibility and knowledge than their private sector counterparts for getting through this moment. The Non-Profit Finance Fund has produced a valuable resource kit available free on the web. Please pass it along

Popular Logos and social distancing

Numerous popular brands are getting creative. McDonald’s, Nike, Volkswagen Audi and others – adapting their logos for public service messages to encourage social distancing to prevent spread of the virus.

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Emblematic is a publication of Emblem Strategic LLC. For more information contact info@EmblemStrategic.com. Andrew Tarsy is Principal and Founder of Emblem Strategic LLC. We help leaders have more impact and advantage. What are you waiting for?

*Emblematic* is a publication of Emblem Strategic LLC. For more information contact info@EmblemStrategic.com.

Andy Tarsy is Principal and Founder of Emblem Strategic LLC. We help leaders have more impact and advantage. What are you waiting for?

In the US, for the most up to date information about Coronavirus health and safety, please contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Elsewhere please contact your local and national authorities. Stay safe, be smart.

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