*Emblematic* #12 – covid19 resources for undocumented US residents, the #necessarysystemsdaily campaign, why 24 million US small businesses got left out & NETflix ceo gives $30M to Vaccine effort


This is *Emblematic* #12. For Issues 1 through 11 Click here. We are shining a spotlight on stories of inspired leadership in the coronavirus crisis. The idea is to inspire greatness in all of us. Now is the time. To see our schedule of Emblematic Live! Events you might want to be part of – Conversations (zoom) about leadership in COVID times – click here.

massachusetts follows California with an inclusive approach to ensure undocumented residents gain access to covid-19 crisis relief funds

“These are unprecedented and uncertain times, and the people of Massachusetts are struggling. The Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund will help us connect those who are most acutely impacted by the response to COVID-19 with the resources and services they need to get through this difficult time and stay safe, healthy, and supported.” = Massachusetts First Lady Lauren Baker: “

So many businesses are shut down and on the brink of bankruptcy, struggling to pay workers and bills, and feeling desperate. Non-profit organizations too. Here is a phenomenal list of resources in Boston put together by the Boston Foundation and constantly expanding. United Way of Massachusetts and United Way of Rhode Island both have similarly comprehensive sites for non-profits and families. And in Massachusetts, First Lady Lauren Baker is leading the Mass. COVID Relief Fund which will “will serve essential frontline workers and vulnerable populations across the state facing homelessness, food insecurity and loss of critical services as a result of the COVID-19 public health crisis.” More details – about Baker and her co-chair Joanna Jacobson’s vision, the roles of Eastern Bank, the Foundation for Business Equity and more are here. One of the truly remarkable things about the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund is that it expressly seeks to reach immigrant and undocumented populations as well as people with disabilities and homeless people. The effort to be inclusive reflects a practical reality about public health. It is also distinctly courageous in the political climate that surrounds this conversation about who is here, who is essential, who is at risk and who needs help. California did something similar, also leveraging private and philanthropic dollars. Golden State Governor Gavin Newsom said, “California is the most diverse state in the nation. Our diversity makes us stronger and more resilient. Every Californian, including our undocumented neighbors and friends, should know that California is here to support them during this crisis. We are all in this together.”

Emblematic Live! Leadership Conversation Features Discussion of a ujima project Campaign to get us making good choices with a better future in mind

The Boston Ujima Project is a non-profit that is usually very future focused, raising questions about what a just society would be built on, and what a just democracy and economy would look like. At the moment they are producing daily prompts to get us engaged with our own best interests, using the hashtag #NecessarySystemsDaily. How to wash hands properly was a valuable early feature. Since then things like how to make a mask, how to get challenging family members on board for maintaining social distancing, stopping evictions during the crisis and aiding vulnerable families are on the list. We are proud to support the campaign and invited director Nia Evans on one of our Emblematic Live! sessions on zoom where leaders from all kinds of organizations, businesses and sectors have been gathering talk about the experience of this crisis. We were joined in that conversation by Philadelphia based Adriana Abizadeh of the Kensington Corridor Trust, as well as Boston area super-advocates Abrigal Forrester, Marie St. Fleur, small business CEOs Seymour Quiles of GoRoll’N, Vincent Williams of Jazzy Sportswear and Shana Bryant of SBC as well as WBUR exec John Davidow and many others. To learn more and get involved in the campaign. Click on the #NecessarySystemsDaily hashtag on Facebook or Instagram. To join one of our Emblematic Live! Leadership sessions, email us at info@EmblemStrategic.com.

why did the small business aid package leave out at least 24 million small businesses in the Us?

Fred McKinney, Ph. D. is the Carlton Highsmith Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Director, People’s United Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Quinnipiac University

Thank you small business superstar Ivy Lawson of Ivyee’s Honey & Natural Products for turning us on to this article.

Professor Fred McKinney explains in a super-efficient, data-rich op-ed why the US government’s program for small business relief in the COVID-19 crisis misses the mark even without the now well-known outrage that public companies and corporate mega-chains (not to mention Harvard University) got paid millions from the now-depleted fund. He writes: “There are over 30 million small businesses in the country. Data from the Small Business Administration suggests that over 80 percent of these businesses do not have any employees. The Paycheck Protection Program provides small businesses with loans only if they have a payroll. That means the 24 million small businesses without payroll for the purposes of this program are relegated to that grey area between “small businesses” and unemployed workers; they don’t qualify for PPP, nor do qualify as traditional unemployed workers.”

netflix ceo reed hastings and his spouse patty quillin give $30 million to help find a covid-19 Vaccine

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and his wife Patty Quillin donated $30 million to the cause of finding a vaccine for COVID-19. They chose to support the Gavi Alliance, started by the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation with a goal of gathering more than $7 Billion for the effort. Hastings said in a statement quoted by Variety, “Global immunization is vital to ending this terrible pandemic, and Gavi’s hard-fought gains in this area will help prevent more lost lives and livelihoods,” 

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In the US, for the most up to date information about Coronavirus health and safety, please contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Elsewhere please contact your local and national authorities. Stay safe, be smart.

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